Twitter for Android updated with automatic Night Mode feature

Days after revamping the user interface of its iOS and Android apps, Twitter has introduced another feature called ‘Automatic Night Mode’. Until now, users had to manually toggle Night Mode to get dark background in the app. As its name suggests, ‘Automatica Night Mode’ turns on the Night Mode automatically at sunset.


“You can set Night mode to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. Additional display options are available within the Twitter app settings,” reads the description.

It is worth adding that at any point, users can change ‘Automatic Night Mode’ to manual from the app’s settings.

To activate ‘Automatic Night Mode,’ users simply need to open the sidebar by tapping on their profile image or swiping towards right from the main feed, and tap on the ‘Settings and privacy’ tab. The includes the ‘Display and sound’ option, under which they’ll be able to find night mode option and set up the ‘Automatic at sunset’ option.

The new feature comes as part of Twitter’s version 7.2, and is only available for Android for now. Users can download the updated app from the Google Play Store.

Couple of weeks back, Twitter made some cosmetic changes to its website, as well as Android and iOS apps. The new look includes a circular profile picture, a speech bubble instead of an arrow to reply to tweets, and some minor changes to the fonts.

Earlier this month, the microblogging website was also reported to be testing a new feature called ‘Happening Now‘. It shows a carousel of Twitter cards showing different events or conversations happening on the website, as mentioned by Recode website. Tapping on a card results in opening the timeline around that event or conversation.


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